29/06/24 17:12

penis lmao

22/06/24 21:43

BLOG UPDATED!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I THINK THAT'S THE MAJORITY OF THE BIG PAGES DOWN!!!! I need to update the links, the blinkies and piracy dot html but after that it think I'm DONE

21/06/24 14:44

SUMMER HOLIDAYS!! IM FREE!!!!! this afternoon I' mgoing with chuck, taylor and allan to the cinema! we're going to watch inside out 2!! it's going to be great!!! after that we're going to five guys, i love five guys so much!! all is good!! but mainly summer holidays!!! freedom!! my weekend is suuuuuuuuuuper packed, but new doctor who tomorrow!! I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT!! THE FINALE!!! all together, everything is going well!! life is good!!

19/06/24 11:25

ok so yesterday I told mr Stark about my problems. and halfway through our meeting PIdgeon (idk if I mentioned him, THE GUY I LIKE) showed up in the film room clearly not realizing what the meeting was about and so I was like a breath away from crying and he just goes and works on his film project??? he eventually realised "oh. maybe I shouldn't have showed up" and left and thanks for respecting my privacy dude. but for a few minutes it was absolutely wild because I was confiding in mr stark that I thought I might have adhd and he was just. click click??

19/06/24 11:21

nah bro I need to actually stop telling people about how ROdger asked out my sister over genshin impact I am going to ruin his reputation forever. but it's so fucking funny

18/06/24 12:30

the person who said "if your straight a's child all of a sudden has their grades drop maybe consider getting them adderall or hrt" person was literally right I need both of those like immediately please

05/06/24 10:12

oh also turns out I'm on my school's list for "ppl who clearly have SOMETHING undiagnosed going on" X_X 1. girl when were you going to tell me 2. yeah. I picked up on that too. it's basically an unspoken (or spoken) truth in all of my friend groups that I'm some flavour of audhd. talking to my autistic maths teacher is such a vibe tho because she'll be like "oh we need to get you a good pen for exams, how about this one? *takes pen out of my pencil case*" and I will be like "nah, it has bad vibes" and she will totally get what I'm saying and just be like "aight we'll get you some new pens". she's sending me on a mission to find a perfect pen and then she's going to get the maths department to buy some in bulk so she's sure we have enough when the exams roll around. idk why Taylor hates her so much she's literally the best teacher in the school

05/06/24 10:06

one of these days I'm going to have to just admit to myself that 13 year old me was right and I am genderfluid

31/05/24 19:03

got a few exam grades back and they're. uh. not good. I got a 5 in geography, 4 in physics and 3 in french paper 2 (but I think that's wrong. she's made the mistake before and she will do it again.) idk what to think. I don't like it. the gifted kid burnout is real and it's getting to me. I need to talk to mr stark about it (the teacher in question looks like tony stark but gay (hes gay) so that's what im calling him from now on), see if he has any advice. but I don't know what I need. maybe he might. best talk about it.

30/05/24 18:03

I kinda want a complete site revamp. something a bit more chaotic. also I need a sitemap.

29/05/24 08:09


29/05/24 05:44

the michelle gomez window is fucked up (┬┬﹏┬┬) need to fix it

28/05/24 16:51

tumblr doctor who fandom will put the strangest things on my dash. what the hell is this

28/05/24 11:45

well, maybe I'm just aromantic and we as a society are not taught to platonically appreciate women and I feel platonical attraction to Missy doctor who. then again maybe posting at 11pm that I want her to step on me is not something you do to friends but I have gotten a friend to sit on me once. being asexual is. weird.

27/05/24 17:00

when I tell you that this theatre tab has literally frozen my firefox like three times

27/05/24 10:14

reverse engineering a sssniperwolf video is harder than it looks. this is all for a reason i swear.

27/05/24 09:32

oh the things I do for the bit (tm)

27/05/24 03:44


26/05/24 15:04

new divider!! lets goo!! not 100% on this one either, but it's here now!! one day I'll find a perfect rainbow star divider (delusional)

25/05/24 22:12

I really like the fandom blog's aesthetic. it just feels... peaceful. tranquil. life is good. I need to separate these pages more, which unfortunately means these planets may have to go in exchange for another divider. not happy about that btw. I'll find a way to keep them, or at least something similar.

25/05/24 22:10

I am actually SO CLOSE to a funcional thoschei shrine!! it might genuinely be out before my exams finsih!! is gthat telling of how i am spenidng my time? yes. no apologies. (will regret this later)

25/05/24 14:30

sometimes being the piracy friend in your friend group means downloading and sending youtube videos of peter capaldi in drag because your friends get blocked in their countries, and I think that's beautiful.

24/05/24 22:57


24/05/24 09:31

I'm looking back on old discord messages with Sofi and Julian. and jesus christ do I miss them. Sure, I hated Julian with a burning passion at times, when it was just contantly venting and being negative with no seeming source. it had many many issues. I wasn't happy at the time. so why do I miss it? why do I miss her too? most of my time was spent cursing them both under my breath. was I not happy? no, no i wasn't. then why do I miss them? why do I wish that server was back? julian was right. it made the right choice by leaving the server. it was doing us all more harm than good. and yet I want it back so bad. I want them all back so bad. because I was annoyed. I was so so annoyed. I was the one to break it off first. I left the servers angry. I came back. I held a will they won't they. but isn't that telling of how unhappy I was? that I wanted to leave those servers, flee, never come back again? isn't there written evidence of me getting so much happier when I was gone? online frinedships leave so many paper trails. they're only paper trails. they seep into everything, because you're never alone. how do you fill your time? tlak to friends. I need frineds again. not just chuck, taylor, mando, chicken, the others. people who are like me. none of them are like me. closest thing I have to that is Mack, but they're just a tumblr mutual. I need to develop that friendship. I need to do the same with all my other mutuals. I won't be happy otherwise.

21/05/24 19:06

yall whatever you do don'tgo on the neocities code editor on your phone it's cursed. anyways, exams went bad. how bad is only just hitting me now. I thought it was paper 1 today for history, buf it was actuallypaper 2, which requires a lot more content which I havent thought about in months. it was bad. really bad.

20/05/24 18:55

jesus fucking christ i am so gay

20/05/24 17:50

I need missy doctor who to kiss me on the lips and maybe step on me wait what who said that

20/05/24 12:09

Exams are tomorrow I need to drop off the face of the earth i cannot write this english oral for the life of me

15/05/24 10:16

I dislike space cults. "embrace your soul's connection to the stars" gril NO I want to UNDERSTANd the stars. the world out there is beautiful and real and not something to make a cult around. I see the kind of thing like heaven's gate (and maybe whatever the vega collective has going on, idk if it's sarcasm or real but I get bad vibes) the worst bastardization of space possible. and, for some reason, the old web seems to be the opportune place for space cults? I assume it's the lack of moderation. that's my main concern which makes me uncomfortable on the old web. how much shit you can get away with without someone pointing out "hey, that's off". even on social media, where this is still a problem, you can still get caught out by a post questioning your values. the scope is larger, you can still get into contact with others. but the old web? your personal forum? holy shit, can oyu get away with things. this has happened time and time again. remember snapewives? I doubt that would have gotten that far if it was hosted on something like tiktok. or maybe I'm wrong. maybe this is a problem everywhere. thing is, about the internet, you meet so many more people, and it's much easier to hole yourself off in your echochamber. what were we talking about? oh yeah, space cults. i am not part of one. I jove hte aesthetic of the heaven's gate site, and that is a problem, because I don't want to be associated with them. cults are dangerous. VERY dangerous. and they deeply concern me. I guess I'm scared of falling into one myself. but these things never end well. heck, maybe even religion as a concept can have a lot of bad repercussions. but I don't want to sound woke libtard atheist rn but it strikes me as weird. I wish they were gone. vega collective dni or something, unless it's all a joke. but it feels very very far for a joke. your soul isn't connected to the stars. they donot control your life. consider what this would look like from an outsider POV. they are usually more right than you'd think.

13/05/24 21:50

considering a complete top to bottom site revamp. something which is more my own. I'm absolutely going ot lean even further into the space aethetic, and porbably make navigation easier, because the fandom blog is a bit messy. better earlier than later, makes it easier to replace things en masse.

12/05/24 20:39

oughhhhh the dysmorphia is getting worse. I'm wearing a binder which I managed to sneak past my parents at christmas time by cliaming it was gift which arrived in the mail (thank you tumblr, that trick works really well), but I can't wear that all day. it's 6 hours max for minors, and only 8 for adults. that's a school day minus the transport time. this isn't sustainable I need top surgery. like Imperatively. and I hate my hips I hate how feminine they are I hate it I hate it I hate it. why was I born in this fucking body.

10/05/24 20:56


09/05/24 14:22

my curse strikes again, 123guestbook is shutting down. I'm going to have to change my guestbook up completely. thankfully there are only a few messages in there. I might just have to screenshot the old one?? maybe I will be able to transfer the messages somehow? Ill figure it out. probably going to use ayano's comment widget.

02/05/24 22:52

142 indvidual visitors and none of yall told me that there was only one episode in the angels take manhatan "duo" I've been talking about for weeks, what do I even run this blog for (joke)

02/05/24 15:37

am I mad that I found two fawlty towers blinkies completely by accident before I found a single doctor who one despite looking really hard? yes, yes I am. I am a doctor who fan first and a john cleese fan like ninth. I'm going to have to start making my own.

01/05/24 07:34

switching from catbox to file.garden, hopefully this works better now!! also, what they don't tell you about blinkie dumps is that they take a WHILE to make

30/04/24 22:54

ough the dysmorphia is hitting hard. I'm so tired of being a girl because I'm not. I'm a boy. I'm a boy. I'm a boy. there's no other way of saying it, I'm a boy. I'm tired of having to pretend to be a girl, of answering my deadname when asked. anyone who really knows me already subconsciously slips me out of the gender binary. I get seen as a guy by kids. I want to be able to wear my binder in public but my days are too long and washing it without my parents finding out is impossible. I want to be a boy openly. I want the world to see me as Jordan. I'm tired of my deadname. One day I'm going to get out of here. I need top surgery so bad. I really cannot wait until I'm old enough. I want my chest gone immediately. I want to have been born male. I want people to realise I'm a guy. I need it. I'm tired of pretending I'm not.

30/04/24 19:53

alright, strange issues with the blinkie page. half of them broke. Just bam, gone. so I host my files on catbox.moe, and I assumed that was the problem, but like it was only half or so which broke? and the other half were fine?? they were all hosted on catbox, but only some got hit. when I turned my vpn on, they all loaded fine, and when I turned the vpn off again and reloaded it, it still loaded. the songs on the will wood page also broke, but again, reloaded that specific page with my vpn and then turned the vpn off and all was right in the world. what's up with that? if it doesn't work for you, PLEASE tell me, so I can do something about it.

30/04/24 16:38

there is a fuckton to be said abot Missy and the aromantic experience. might go insane on the the fandom blog later

29/04/24 22:12

trying to keep my blinkies rare. my ass is on archive.org

29/04/24 18:29

I know I have like six billion things to do but what if I made a blinkie dump

28/04/24 14:30

yall let's be real for a sec. not to sound like the dreaded blue hair sjw, but how much of the backlash towards ghosbusters (2016) was just misogyny. because I think it was a fair chunk. it was a perfectly good movie, there were just a bunch of ppl angry that it was no longer their precious male fantasy. because it's literally the exact same movie genderswapped. and ppl threw a fit because a guy was portrayed as a sexy idiot for once. however the french dub was definately backlash worthy, it was bad and I'll let yall have that

28/04/24 11:55

MY CODE WORKS NOW! so the site just got a fairly major upheaval: now, the fandoms page is more genrewal, and doesn't take you dierctly to the fandom blog. recs and shrines have been moved to fandoms, and recs have been made public even though they're not complete. also, completely new page: will wood extended essay! shrines still aren't uo, that's for another day.

27/04/24 12:02


25/04/24 18:07

nah I have no clue what I was on about last night, or why I chose to share the electric guitar anecdote. this is the quality content you came here for, I assume. anyways, I'm probably going to put the fandom page through heavy modifications, so instead of just being a fandom blog it also has other things. since I'm probably going to be doing my EE on Will Wood, I might post annotated songs in there, and also the whole thign I have palnned iwth the reconstruction of myspace and other insanity! who knows, I might even use my ao3 template to post fics there! who knows!

24/04/24 23:39

ever think about how easy it is for a whole civilization to fall into the ocean. what happened before the greek dark ages. what wrath of a god would be needed to destroy such a thing. I am severely behind on an asignment,

24/04/24 23:10

confession time bc it's late at night, when buying an electric guitar I was hoping iwht my entire heart and soul that they had a black one so I could be just like twelve. love that old man so fucking much.,

22/04/24 21:24


22/04/24 19:57

the forums page on the myspace template is almost ready! I had to rebuild this one completely from scratch, there was nothing aside from the profile on this template. is there a complete template out there somewhere? PROBABLY! MAYBE I'M WASTING MY TIME! BUT AT LEAST I'M LEARNING SOMETHIGN AND IT'S FUN!

21/04/24 23:27


21/04/24 23:25


21/04/24 22:19

THE MYSPACE TEMPLATE HAS BEEN MADE FUNCTIONAL!! that took TOO LONG askljskljhckjh. although it took a while, I have to give it to the template maker, the attention to detail is incredible. sure, I had to completely remake certain sections, but I would have never thought to inclue the copyright / faq / privacy / etc banner. smart. anyways, with the amount of time I spent on that, there's no going back, UNIT case files on the twelth doctor's time on earth here we come!!

21/04/24 18:58

i have spent significant amounts of time brushing up this myspace template to make it look even more like the real thing. why did I have this idea. why did I think this was a good way of writing a social media fic. why is this lowkey fun.

21/04/24 18:13

the melonland background music from the various sites is literally so perfect for studying omg

21/04/24 13:26

I had an idea which is either the smartest thing ever or the dumbest thing ever. you know those fics which are, like, a group of social media posts? always loved those. well, i've been collecting layouts in the links page (you may have noticed lol) and I realised that there are a lot of them which are designed to look like other social medias. so like. what if i did, like, a UNIT case file with snapshots of posts about the doctor on various sites through the ages? I think that would actually work really well lol. anyways, yet another big project I'm working on (SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE MY LAPTOP FROM ME AND REVOKE MY INTENRET ACCESS)

21/04/24 12:30

I said I was going to go for a quick walk before doing my homework and suddenly it was half an hour later and I was a whole town away. so yea I was gone for an hour and I still have three tasks (of which two essays) due tomorrow. let's hope all goes well lmao

20/04/24 22:48

houla je mets vraiment aucun effort quand j'écris en francais. bon, c pas comme si y'aura des autres francophones ici, j'arrive à peine à attirer les anglophones, alors on peut oublier mdr

20/04/24 22:46

faut vraiment que je parle en français plus souvent ici. depuis que jsuis en école privée je parle presque jamais français et j'ai vraiment pas envie de completement oublier comment parler ;-; en plus c pas ma langue maternelle, alors je parle même pas chez moi. et comme jsuis plus en école publique, maintenant mon registre familier n'est plus du tout à jour. jsavais même pas ce que c'était un 06 avant genre il y a deux mois ;-;

20/04/24 22:39

scored 5 / 11 in the official bbc 2023 specials doctor who quote quiz. excuse me while I delete my site and turn myself in as a fake fan

20/04/24 16:47

working on the thoschei shrine and I feel like I've been stumbling through the internet's back alley filled with trash bags in long since forgotten dumpsters and graffiti so ancient it could be considered cave paintings, while digging up blinkies which haven't seen the light of day outside blinkie dumps since the year of our lord 2003. anyways I found another blinkie dump to put in the links page!!

20/04/24 12:56

alright, I cleared the cache, we're good again!!

20/04/24 12:54

so I checked the view counter on my phone and it says 28 viewers?? what?? why isn't that showing up on my laptop??

20/04/24 12:51

also I can't tell if the view counter is busted or if no one is just showing up to this site ;-;

20/04/24 12:49

ppl keep waxing poetic about that have i been pwned site. every time i put my address in it it says I got pwned in a data breach from BEFORE MY EMAIL WAS EVEN CREATED?? like girliepop what?? also for accounts which i never created?? no I wasn't on neopets in 2016?? that address was created in like 2018/2019??

19/04/24 20:45

FINALLY finished the books section on the recs page! I might just publish it as is and add more media types later on, we'll see. i wanna watch the lair of the white worm. young peter capaldi has no effect on my brain because i am a completely heterosexual boy, yes sir, no thoughts about other men here!

19/04/24 20:16

if anyone is wondering about the deal with the "in progress" page, I speak with the register of a victorian child who sometimes gets posessed by the soul of a 2000s emo mid sentence, and it happened again

19/04/24 19:51

I REALLY want to make my website button be a parody of that "aquarium: GIRLS! GIRLS ! GIRLS! just kidding, pond fish" sign because that would be so fucking funny. should I do it.

18/04/24 22:11

trying a new look! it's not that different, except the purple is gone for the blog and the fandom blog. it might be back later if I don't like it, but I think it divides the posts better and makes everything more clear. also, more stars!! we always liek more stars!!

18/04/24 21:47

persepolis by Marjane Satrapi truly has an unique was of absolutely immersing every last reader who gets their hands on it. I got my ADHD dad who has not finished reading anything longer than an asterix comic in the past few years to start it, and he just went dead quiet and burned through the first like 5 chapters in one sitting. didn't even notice when I went upstairs. very important and good book, 10/10

18/04/24 20:24


18/04/24 10:52

didn't get time to update, but she confronted me about how terribly behind I am. my ex gifted kid ass immediately panicked at the idea of a teacher disapproving of my position and I started crying ☠☠☠ turns out she was genuinely concerned about if I was ok (ex gifted kid, what do you think) but the good news is that i got my EE?? yes I'm holding on by a thread

18/04/24 10:52

about to re-pitch a very hyperfixiation-fuelled EE to my supervisor. wish me luck, I'm about to talk about rats in "in case I make it,"

17/04/24 21:00

me and my sister have started a thing where we will randomly yell "GIRL GROUP" and then we need to pose like we're in a girl group, no matter what we're currently doing. my dad hasn't batted an eyelash & is just assuming that we're just like that

17/04/24 19:23

i'm cooking so hard with these shrines, yall aren't ready. there's MUSIC

17/04/24 14:56

yall j'ai trop la seum we had this english essay to write where you were supposed to choose one extract of persepolis of two and write an essay on it but I did the essay a few days after everyone else and the teacher DIDN'T TELL ME that you were only supposed to choose one, and so i accidentally tried to write a comparative and did not finish it, got 13/20 TwT I'm so mad about it lmao

17/04/24 09:39

Chicken is back in physics class and his first act was bully me for getting hiccups. glad to see life never changes! also cas sucks and I am removing stickers from library books so they can be sold ;-;

16/04/24 23:11

I have to create a website button, and then I'm probably going to join a few web circles lol. I already have two queued for when I've made it, transing the internet and bucketfish. I need connections lol I love talking to people

16/04/24 23:09


Chicken is out of Israel!! he should have landed back here a few hours ago!! he made the connection to crete, which means the tough part is well over. he's safe. thank whatever force is out there, he's safe.

15/04/24 23:09

this font not having capitals has starved you of the full glimpse into my insanity and has saved me from much humiliation because of my abysmal use of capitalization

15/04/24 20:38

trying to find blinkies which Missy would use for her shrine. this is actually helping me destress. so THIS is what comfort characters are for.

15/04/24 19:07

fighting with html templates to make a Missy shrine. to each his own way of calming down

15/04/24 18:33

and that too may have been a false alarm. he says that Israel is attacking Iran today, so everything might get a whole lot worse. I can't fucking deal with this

15/04/24 18:15

ok, this may seem like VERY QUICK after the last message, but good news!!! Chicken has found a flight out of Tel Aviv, and to crete, and from there a connecting flight back here!! he should be ok!! I'm genuinely so relieved!!! he's coming home!!

15/04/24 18:02

I don't like talking politics, and this is a bit more political than I'd like, but I need somewhere to dump this. I have this friend, Chicken, who is from Israel, and he joined the army so that he could go to university. he's 16. now this plan was all fine and dandy a while back, but now there's. well. the situation. he goes back to Israel during the holidays for militars service, and of course he went back two weeks ago. Easter holidays and all. well, they cancelled flights to and from Israel. he's stuck there, and will probaly be forced to continue his military service while he's there. I don't know what's happening in Israel, every source out there is polarized and no two agree on the situation, all I know is that I am scared for my friend's life. he might be able to get a flight out of Tel Aviv, but there's no guarantees. he's not even there with his family, just his grandmother. at least he has her. I really really hope he gets home safely. by another terrible coincidence, he was in Israel for a friend's funeral when the first Hamas attack happened. He only just made it out alive then, he got lucky. I really really hope he gets lucky again. what kind of fucked up army recruits 16 year olds?? what kind of fucked up world is it where my high school drama is WILL MY FRIEND DIE IN A WAR?? it's all so unfair. I don't know what to think.

15/04/24 07:17

haghdhfgdhfjdgfhg I'm going insane about Twissy again. it is TOO EARLY and school is in NOT LONG I CANNOT GO INSANE NOW

14/04/24 23:19

alright, despite the many real alarm bells going on right now, false alarm!! we good!! english oral is only due on wednesday!! unlike my EE first reflection, which was due last monday. I'm sure that's fine.

14/04/24 23:16

expect to hear less of me as of tomorrow, school is starting. much to my dismay. shit I need to check some submission dates. anyways goodnight yall

14/04/24 22:26

am I lowkey salty that some ppl with basically empty sites have like actual hundred times more views than me? yes, I am quite, in fact. yes I like ppl putting all their atteniton on me all the time yes that's how I thrive

14/04/24 21:44

remember kids, the html is more scared of you than you are of it

14/04/24 21:27

I'm considering changing art gallery to shrine gallery. basically instead of art dumping I would create subcategories for fandoms and ocs and make shrines for them, but like include my art too. maybe like one gallery which is dedicated to misc drawings, but since I produce so much fanart for everything the shrines would be justified. I might make some mockups for what a shrine would look like and decide then. also, the purple is reeeeeeeeeally growing on me. it might even be worth being mistaken for the sadgrl default I just love how it looks vapourwavey but not yknow??

14/04/24 19:57

we've got ourselves a custom cursor!! it's a casette!! if my mom knew, she would disown me lmao. despite bieng bron in the 70s she feels a solid zero nostaligia for casettes. I think she had one too many tapes stretch. I tried to figure out the hover thing and it's not working, so that's for another day I guess. also, strangely, it doesn't work when you're petting Seargant?? maybe because it links to an external site?? poor Seargant, unable to experience the full experience

14/04/24 18:17

lowkey I reeeeeeally want to make a melonland forums account

14/04/24 18:35

girl someone revoke my internet access I'm looking for more blinkies

14/04/24 13:14

probably going to put together a button, and then apply for the lesser known neighborhoods projects. before I do that tho I'm probably going ot make a final call on the colours of the blog, because the purple does look a lot like sadgrl even though I like it very much. if I do change it I'm probably going to go loud and/or vapourwave bc COLOURS!!

14/04/24 12:16

going to finish the maths homework I started yesterday and then probably post under fandom about the cybermen. objectively the best doctor who villain I don't make the rules. also, it's so hard to get me to shut up on here because on other sites I can tell people to stop talking to me or something, but on here it's just me yelling into the void. can you tell i get sidetracked easily & love the sound of my own voice (typing? blog? whatever I'm awesome)

14/04/24 12:11

going to Ash's house later!! their relatives were supposed to be there too but someone got pinkeye so it's just going to be me, them, and their immediate family so yay at least I'm not going to be intruding lol. (also some context: Norway and Ash are siblings but they have a big age difference & Norway is in uni and Ash is younger than me, hence why the Norwegian rewatch is only happening in late May. also, neither is norwegian. I will not be explaining my naming conventions)

14/04/24 11:01

I thought I was going to add one or two but I literally doubled my blinkie count someone please sedate me

14/04/24 07:10

I love blinkies so much it's an actual problem lmao bc I add like a bunch and then I have to update every last page. the new ones are only on home rn bc I'm going to try and get some sleep but I'll fix it in the real morning

14/04/24 06:22

morning yall, can't sleep. I really should since I got about 5 hours of sleep, but that's for later. instead I think I just want to update my blinkies bc I want more lol

14/04/24 00:52

I need to find the person who is making the david bowie moonage daydream blinkies on the blinkie cafe right now so I can propose marriage.

14/04/24 00:49

I have had this site for TWO DAYS and already promised art twice and drawn neither. I need to draw again, I'll go insane if not. expect Gomez!Crowley and Whittaker!Aziraphale tomorrow (likely will not deliver)

13/04/24 23:34

realizing that, despite hyping it up so much, I completely failed to post pictures from the tulip festival lol. here they are!!

it was absolutely gorgeous!! I haven't been to a tulip festival since before covid and I forgot how much I loved it. bonus, today was a beautiful day, it was amazing!!

13/04/24 21:04

"how many blog posts can a guy make in 24 hours??" the answer, as it turns out, is 12. I'm just glad this blog is up and running!! you'll probably hear from me less tomorrow (going to Ash's house) (going to start making up names for friends), and even less from me on monday when school starts again. but it's only 9pm so I'm porbably not done for the night haha.

on an unrelated note, my knee. it was still hurting this morning, so my mom gave me this cream to put on, and it works DISTURBINGLY WELL. like, my pain is just GONE. I'm happy that it doesn't hurt any more and everything but. what is this thing doing to my knee?? what kind of dark magic is happening where the pain just goes?? localized anasthetic?? cthullu blood?? I might be turning into a vampire. who knows

13/04/24 20:58

another site update: recommendations are on their way!! basically, it'll just be a page with shows / books / games / movies / etc. which i've liked and would recommend! the actual structure is going to be quite easy, the only real difficulty is filling the content, but hopefully I'll have it up and running in the next 2 days :DD

13/04/24 19:26

BIG NEWS FOLKS!! I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE THE BACKGROUND BIGGER!! I know it should not have taken this long for me to figure this out but I'm very happy because it was seriously bothering me

13/04/24 18:55

tragically, seargant has staged a revolution.

this means I shall have to retreat to a small box on the home page while seargant runs this blog for the rest of eternity. sorry folks. this is seargant's personal blog now

13/04/24 17:52

I might go around and drop messages in other ppl's guestbooks because i need to talk to people. i'm that one extrovert everyone fears because if i don't have 1 trillion friends to talk to always and forever I WILL die instantly. literally a tamagochi.

13/04/24 17:18

anyone else remember windows minesweeper?? I used to play that with my grandad whenever he came over until that one update got rid of it. LOVED every second of it. my mom thinks i'm weird for playing minesweeper (different version) still today even tho it's like 30 years outdated. whatever, video games peaked with minesweeper (wants to be a video game developper despite playing very few games)

13/04/24 16:25

born to be silly goofy on the internet forced to do maths homework

13/04/24 14:38

the tulip festival was AMAZING!! I have maths homework but afterwards I'm going to post pictures like the pro blogger I am

13/04/24 11:42

I feel like I need to change these colours to distinguish myself from the basic layoutmaker, but I like them tho ;-; thing is, the purple, the space header, the vaguely spacelike background, I just look like sadgrl. but I think I'm doing something right?? my site has got quite a few more viewers than ppl who launched theirs around the same time as me?? did I distinguish it enough?? I got this site off the ground quite fast if i do say so myself, but even still, why me?? I'll assume it's my charming personality and dazzling good looks. anyways I need to get dressed, TULIP FESTIVAL!!! FUCKING LOVE TULIPS THEY'RE LIKE THE BEST FLOWER!!

13/04/24 11:23

I lowkey wanna make this website look less clean. I LOVE obnoxious neon colours!! I LOVE when things are messy!! I am not an aesthetic person!! but that comes with the problem of the seziure risk & it's just a lot of effort tbh. the aesthetic colours which lowkey look like the bi flag are staying for now. however you will pry the title font out of my cold dead hands. it gives me ready player one vibes and that's like one of my favourite books ever. SPEKAING OF, I need to put otgether the reccomendations page. might do that after the tulip festival. also, do people usually update their sites as much as I am?? i'm lowkey an attention whore and LOVE telling ppl everything about myself so it's not going to stop lol, tho I might look around out of curiosity

13/04/24 10:58

morning yall!! i just woke up actual minutes ago (i need like 10-11 hours of sleep to properly function, it's a nightmare) but my mom told me we're going to the tulip festival!! it's so awesome aaaaaaaaa!! basically the town two towns over fills its park with one tulip for every person who lives there. it's GORGEOUS and it has been TOO LONG since we last went tbh, I love it so much. it's going to be great!!

on an unrelated note, my sister just came into my room with her new jeans asking for help because they forgot to cut the buttonhole?? like, the stitching for it was all there and everything, there was just no hole. not going anywhere with this, it's just. fun facts i guess

13/04/24 00:03

probably going to log off for the night, it's getting late. I'm just happy this site is finally presentable!! tomoroow I'm going to start putting together the reccomendations page with stuff like books and shows I reccoemnd. I'm probably going to have to have a whole subcategory for doctor who episodes lol i have so many opinions. also my fandom posts so far lowkey make me look like a doctor who hater, i swear i'm not i just have strong feelings about chris chinball's style of writing (they are not positive). however expect me to be more complimentary soon, as i'm going to start rewatching either 10 or 12's seasons in late may with a friend! i can't wait aaaaaaa!! goodnight folks!!

12/04/24 20:29

holy shit no one should ever give me this much power over anything. bc i cannot html to save my life i'm manually typing out dates and times (don't judge ok ya boy is trying his best) but that means i could just gaslight everyone around me by modifying the dates on my posts. i could just go back to november a few years back and be like "isnt it crazy how the queen dies tomorrow??" and no one is bothering to archive my site and i could become the next prophet. i should start a cult tbh. i'm going to try to keep this as accurate as possible tho to give yall the most authentic glimpse into my mind

12/04/24 20:24

absolutely terrible way to kick this blog off but my knee hurts so so bad ;-; I hurt it in a skiing accident when i was 13 and it's like normally fine but it sometimes flares up and i guess today's the day. sitting with a bagpuss heatable plushie between my knees rn as i type this. i assume the universe must be smiting me for my amazing good looks which it just could not bear