why I'm so glad you asked, dear traveller! let me bring you on a harrowing tale about the tormented hero jordan on his terrifying quest to defeat the horrid monster known as the "international bacchalaureate extended essay".

Many moons ago, Jordan was called upon by a noble from a foreign land, who had a perilous quest to bestow upon him. the noble, known as Lady Coordinator from the kingdom of extended essay, bestowed upon him his quest: to create a proposal to offer to the other nobles, in hope that one would accept him as their disciple.

Jordan accepted this quest with enthusiasm, as he already had an idea as to what this proposal would consist of. however, chose to seek council from a sorcerer in a far-away land. this sorcerer was known for his brain, and his knowledge of all of the past perfectly. because of this, many referred to him as "the head of the history department".

after a long trek across the countryside of the unnecessarily long corridors on the second floor, twice, Jordan finally found the legendary magician. the sorcerer used his vast knowledge of the universe to predict what success this proposal would have. "simply excellent!" he exclaimed! "this proposal is amazing, and you simply must use it!"

thrilled, Jordan submitted this proposal, convinced it was perfectly irresistible. days went past, as all potential disciples held their breath in wait of the announcement. finally, a choice was made. upon hearing the results, he was struck with horror: his proposal had been refused.

confused as to what he had done wrong, he found the sorcerer once more. the sorcerer told him that he had, in fact, decieved him! he had known from the start that the proposal did not fit the requirements of the legendary magical texts, the "syllabus", and chosen not to tell the poor hero.

In conclusion, i'm salty about the fact that he didn't tell me, but at least I get to write an EE on WIll wood

but jordan, what's your research question?

I'll have to get back to you on that! I'm like a few months behind because of the atrocities of completely changing my proposal, but the general idea is "how are rodents used as metaphors for various major societal issues". these are things like disrespect for disability, the concept of an afterlife, and how social exclusion can lead to political extremism.

Jordan! can I read this essay?

not yet! as I quite simply have not written it. I am severely behind, as I may have mentioned. I have a 300-500 word introduction due in about 5 days and I don't have a final research question yet. this is a problem and, like an intellectual, instead of actually working on my essay, I have put togethera wonderful interface based on this CSS sheet.

the only important thing on this page

be warned, you ABSOLUTELY need javascript. tragically it is key to the functionality of this whole thing. also, I will add a lot of annotations later. but here is the WIP!!

"in case I make it,": social issues, and the rodent

I'm focusing specifically on tomcat disposables, euthanasia, and Willard!. three is a nice number, and that's the amount of rat songs there are.

each can be connected to an underlying social issue, or phenomenon: tomcat disposables uses a mouse as a metaphor for how neurodivergent people tend to be viewed as "lesser" in order to ignore their needs, euthanasia is a commentary on how people turn to religion as a way to cope with grief, and WIllard! uses rats as a metaphor for extremist groups, and documents the narrator's journey from a normal person to someone who commits violent crimes because he believes he has the right.